About Us


Courage, Caliber and Compassion


To evolve as a contemporary school with a blend of tradition and modernization.


  • To apply the best practices in teaching and learning
  • To make the ordinary come alive
  • To make the classroom teaching a dialogue than a monologue
  • To inspire the young learners to become knowledge seekers
  • To include basics of life skills in the classroom activities

Our Belief

  • Children are valued because they are our future.
  • Every child can learn.
  • Each individual has a unique approach to learning.
  • Learning is a lifelong process.
  • An emotionally and physically safe environment enhances learning.
  • An atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation promotes learning and success.
  • Diversity enriches communities.
  • Collaboration between home, school and community supports learning.
  • Successful schools strengthen communities, and supportive communities strengthen schools.

Besides imparting academic education, we at AKG Public School

  • Create an attitude of gratitude
  • Develop a mindset of self-responsibility
  • Inculcate a habit of new thinking
  • Provide opportunities to bring out the leader in every child
  • Build a sense of civil, social and moral responsibility
  • Allow full scope for the development of personality so as to facilitate specialization through suitably creative work
  • To create global awareness to get groomed into global leaders
  • Develop an ethical, spiritual and cultural attitude conducive to national unity and welfare.