About the Founder Secretary

Shri. A. K. Gopalan, the person instrumental in initiating ASAN Memorial Trust, was a very successful civil engineer and a philanthropist who wanted to do something meaningful to the society. When Dr. S. K. Nayar announced the plans to start a school during his welcome address of the inauguration of the Asan Memorial Association, Shri. A. K. Gopalan started to build up the unimaginable. He was of a firm belief that when there is a genuine requirement, the impossible becomes possible, with our unperturbed dedication and commitment to our intentions. He was of a very firm belief that if the youngsters were given the right kind of exposure and opportunities, they are bound to become happy and successful individuals. He also insisted that schools and parents will have to prioritize between the values and the culture that our children need to be exposed to. Tradition with technology was his mantra, which has been the baseline of Asan Group of Educational Institutions.